2 Oct 2008

The Egg in Me

The Egg in Me was in the exhibition, “In Your Dreams”, an all media show sponsored by Pen and Brush, held in New York City during the month of April 2009. 

This exhibition was curated by Edward Sullivan, Professor of Art History (Institute of Fine Arts and Department of Art History) and Dean for the Humanities at New York University.

The Egg in Me
13 x 18 x 13”
silk, rope and piping, pearl beads, copper and steel wire, copper tubing, viola strings, glass base

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After many years of experimentation with different techniques using rope, thread and fabric, I now work in a medium which perfectly suits my concept of sensuality and my ideas on the mystery of life as seen from a completely female angle. Working with textiles is sensual in its own right, the fabrics are pliable according to their many different textures, and a delight to the eye. My work mainly explores sex and reproduction, which might fairly be called the major obsession of all living creatures on earth, and I include the intangible concept of love, the principal obsession of human beings.